If you want fun, adventure, and excitement, your next vacation destination should absolutely be Tenerife. As one of the largest islands on the Canary Islands, this must-visit destination is home to the world-famous Mount Teide, the largest mountain in Spain and a place where amazing new experiences await. You could gaze at the starry sky at night or go on a thrilling ride through the lush landscape. Witness the astonishing sights of ancient forests, craters, volcanoes, and lava, as the adventures you can have on Mount Teide are like no other. Here are the 10 things on Mount Teide you definitely must do!


1) Quad Trip the Volcano

Enjoy a blood-pumping and adrenaline-filled ride through the rocky roads of the volcano. You’ll hitch a ride on a Polaris Quad all-terrain vehicle and cross craters and cones of lava. Off-roading can be a great way to dart through the landscape and take in the sights in a thrilling way. Riding through the land is an extreme sensation that will leave you itching for more. Teide National Park is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and as you check out the beautiful region, you’ll definitely see why.

2) Go on a Hiking Trip

You can walk the walk in this Hiking Tour up the mountain. You’ll start your journey by cable car and then take on the 170-metre walk by foot as you go on your mountaineering excursion. Explore every nook and cranny of the mountain you want and get up close to the massive craters that line the ascent. The best part of hiking is seeing everything with your own eyes and knowing you made the trek there yourself. The excellent exercise is a great bonus too.

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3) Have a Stargazing Experience

Bask in the wonders of the stars as you visit one of the most popular astral viewing destinations in the world. A team of astronomers with top-of-the-line telescopes and gear will make sure you get the most out of the experience so you can focus on looking up. You’ll be able to witness nebulas, star systems, and distant worlds as you take in everything the universe has spread out for your viewing pleasure. The magnificent vistas of the ever-expanding skies are yours for the taking.

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4) Go on a Cable Car Ride

Thrilling views and comfort too! This cable car ride will take you all the way to the top of the mountain as you gaze down on volcanic plains below. The sunset views and breadth of the entire landscape, ocean and mountain all before your eyes will stick with you long after the ride ends. Each car is a ride worth taking for anyone, and will only take 8 minutes to take you through the upper station where even greater views await.

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5) Observatory Guided Tour

The largest solar observatory in the world awaits you in this guided tour where you can see the power of the sun firsthand in a safe way. You’ll get to see through top-of-the-line telescopes and learn all about how the sun keeps us going from professional Astrophysicists. You might even see a solar flare or sunspot if you look close enough, and be sure to check out their Night Scopes too.

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6) Medieval Show and Dinner at Castillo San Miguel

Getting hungry? Why not enjoy dinner as you’re transported to medieval times? This fine dining showcase takes place inside an actual castle and features live jousting matches. kings and knights surround you as you feast on a hearty banquet in an immersive middle age atmosphere. This can be a relaxing and entertaining experience after a day of adventure all through the mountain and island. Thou shall verily enjoy the show.

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7) Jeep Adventure

Take a ride as you feel the rugged landscape pass before you in this 4-seater Jeep Wrangler excursion. You’ll find adrenaline pumping through your veins as you visit each famous landmark and scenic landscape that Mount Teide has to offer. Plot your own uncharted course as you have the option to drive yourself, or kick back and let an expert show you around. Either way, you go, you’ll be sure to stay on the edge of your seat as a sprawling adventure awaits behind the wheel.

8) VIP Helicopter Experience

Take flight as high as you can go and see the stunning vistas from a bird’s eye view as you take a fully guided helicopter tour. Fly out with forests, volcanoes, and the sea sprawling below and witness things you never could have imagined. There are 5 experiences here that each offers their own unique panoramic views. These include low flying through islands, crossing gigantic cliff sides, and flying over Teide’s legendary peak.

9) Tour the Peak

What’s a trip to a mountain without seeing the summit? Here you can experience the sights from Pico Del Teide after walking up to the top. Just picture a view of the entire archipelago sprawling before your eyes and the flickering light of lava down in the craters and fields below. Sounds exciting? Well, that’s just a taste of what awaits you when you make it to the top of Spain’s highest peak.

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10) Nature and Wine Store Excursion

Enjoy a tour with a little something for your taste buds included. This adventure will take you through the volcanic landscapes of Teide as you take in the sights and take in the sips of local wine all throughout the way. The stops include wineries that produce local flavors right from the very islands themselves. Another great benefit of this outing is that you’ll learn about the history of the surrounding locales as you experience the best the island has to offer firsthand. Eat lunch with great views and drink to your next adventure.

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