7 Best Ways to Experience Tenerife at Night

Who says your fun has to end when the day is done? There’s no shortage of incredible adventures you can have on Tenerife, and those aren’t limited to ones you can only have in the daytime. In fact, one of the best ways to experience everything Tenerife has to offer is to go on a night time excursion. There are several unique experiences you can only get past sundown, such as stargazing or a tour of the famous observatory, and you’ll be missing out if you pack it up before you check out the island nightlife.

If you’re in the mood for something truly unforgettable, then check out the best adventures you can have in Tenerife under the moon.

1) Mount Teide Night Tour

Climbing a volcanic trail under a starry sky is something you’re sure never to forget. This 8 hour trek through Mount Teide will take you on an excursion that features dinner at a traditional local restaurant and then follows up with several spots ideal for stargazing. You can go at your own pace and feel every step walking the earth beneath your feet. What makes this an ideal spot for a moonlit walk is that you’ll be thousands of miles away from any light pollution that might deter your view. On Mount Teide, there’s nothing standing between you and the starry skies above. Book it here 

2) Stargazing

Some of the most famous Tenerife activities are without a doubt the stargazing tours. Known as one of the best astro tourism destinations on the planet, the sights you’ll see here are going to be an out of this world experience. Each tour includes laser presentations, astronomical stories and guides, and photography to enhance your experience, but the real things that will stay with you are the sights you’ll see with your very own eyes. You’ll be guided by a team of professional astronomers on a 2 hour session that will take you through the vistas of planets, stars and galaxies far beyond our own, and the best part is that you’ll never see a view like it anywhere else. Book it here

3) Quad Trip

Take to the roads in a thrilling ride all over the lush landscape with this tour that puts you behind the wheel. Watch the starry skies above zoom past you as you take the Polaris Quad vehicle and ride as far as you can go. What makes this experience stand out at night is the fact that you’ll see things you never could during the day, such as the volcanic craters and rivers of lava glowing and shining in the dark. You can also take to the coastline and get a whiff of the salty ocean air or ride through the dense green forests. Taking a ride with a group will let you enjoy the astral views with others, and the ATV quads will be sturdy and rugged enough to sail through the island’s roads with ease.

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4) Medieval Show

Once you’re done trekking and touring all over Tenerife, there’s something you won’t want to forget about, and that’s dinner! After a day of exhilarating adventures, you can’t just settle down for any old meal though, it’s gotta be something incredible! Thankfully, there’s a dining experience that definitely fits the bill. The Medieval Show and Dinner at Castillo San Miguel is not only a great place to fill your appetite, but an entertaining portal to another time. From the moment you gaze upon the castle walls, you’ll know the experience is going to be as authentic as they come. Witness epic jousting tournaments and marvel at every minute of this 4 hour show. There’s wine, horses, and armour clad knights, everything you could want for an extravagant adventure from days of yore. Book it here

5) Observatory Tour

You’re not the only one fascinated by the starry sky above Tenerife. The huge Mount Teide Observatory is proof! Take this tour and you’ll get an up close and personal look at the wonders of worlds above, with lessons and guides from professional astrophysicists. These experts are knowledgeable and will show you just how the observatory functions, how stars are viewed and mapped, and what you can expect to find above the local area.

That’s not all, you’ll get to look into some telescopes firsthand, with special ones just for night time. Mount Teide is known as one of the top 3 places in the entire world to look at the sky, so getting a high quality look with experts guiding you is an experience that can not be missed.

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6) Siam Park at night

With adrenaline pumping thrill rides, exotic locales, and relaxing rivers, the number one theme park on Tenerife has something fun for the whole family. This destination is known for featuring the biggest man-made wave pool in the entire world. There are huge rapid water slides on every corner, like the Tower of Power, which takes you down at 80km/h as you pass through an aquarium with sharks and manta rays. There are also private cabanas and chill lazy rivers for those not looking to get the blood pumping. Visiting the park at night offers several unique experiences, so be sure that you’re visiting during the open months.

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7) Private Sunset Whale watching cruise

Get a glimpse of the natural wildlife and spectacular views around the ocean as you take a private ride amid a gorgeous sunset. You might catch a dolphin flipping over the waves or see a whale shoot water from its spout while you take a sip of your complimentary champagne. The vessel of your voyage is a luxury yacht that provides everything you’ll need to enjoy the cruise. You won’t get a sunset view like this anywhere else, and the atmosphere surrounding you in a top of the line craft will stick in your mind forever.

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3 hours
Group Size
Up to 10

Private 3hr Whale & Dolphin Watching Experience (10pax)

We think your whale and dolphin experience should be as intimate as possible. These wild creatures are majestic and this boat trip allows you to get up close and personal to truly enjoy the experience. Over 21 different whale and dolphin species swim in these oceans.

1. Watch whales, spot dolphins and search for different types of fish on the open waters of Tenerife.
2. Sunbathe on board and swim in the crystal-clear waters. Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit.

Enjoy a fun snorkeling session at the beautiful port of Armeñime. Create wonderful memories while sightseeing untouched nature.

299 EUR
4 hours
Group Size
Up to 10

Private 4hr Family Fiesta Boating Experience (10pax)

Even more time to enjoy your whale watching experience! See more dolphins, turtles, whales, and wild marine life, while enjoying an extended menu of local cuisine and unlimited champagne, sangria, and more.

We want you and your family to have a memorable, intimate experience out at sea. That's why we went above and beyond to offer you a whale and dolphin watching trip your children will be talking about for months to come.

1. For 4-hours, get away from the busy streets of Costa Adeje and shift to the best whale and dolphin watching excursions that attract millions, year-round.
2. Experience bits of the slow-paced life of whales and their pups, and the vibrant personality of dolphins in their natural environment -- the dream of every animal enthusiast.
3. Take a long break from everyday life in the tranquil waters settled between the edges of Los Cristianos.
4. Dip your body into the water, enter and explore an unknown world snorkeling -- you’ll be surprised at how much there is to see just from the surface.
5. Relax in comfort as we take you around the most picturesque scenery in Tenerife, the shores of natural beaches shaped by the drama of a volcanic cone.

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