Whale Watching Tenerife Infographic – Free Download

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The Best Time of Year For Whale Watching in Tenerife

The best time to see whales in Tenerife is… always! This is thanks to the pilot whales that make their home in the Tenerife waters. As for when the best time for you to see the whales is, that really depends on what you’re looking for You’re almost guaranteed to see pilot whales around Tenerife The time … Continued

Tenerife is Re-Opening to Holiday Travellers

Since the rise of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, many people have seen their travel plans disrupted. Thankfully, many places have begun to implement safer procedures to mitigate the risk and reopen with safe activities and social distancing measures in place. UK travel is allowed at the end of July, so if you’re planning on visiting … Continued

Siam Park – The Ultimate Guide (2020 Edition)

Siam Park Water Park is the 5-star waterpark in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, Spain that people visit from all over the world. With over 20 rides and attractions to visit, you’d best plan your day carefully if you want to see all that the Thai-themed park has to offer! Trust us, you won’t want to miss … Continued

How To See The Los Gigantes Cliffs

This quiet holiday resort is best known for its remarkable cliffs which tower high into the sky and plummet straight down into the deep blue sea far below. Los Gigantes (The Giants in English) definitely lives up to its name. This quiet holiday resort is best known for its remarkable cliffs which tower high into … Continued

Cycling in Tenerife – The Complete Guide

If you want an exhilarating way to get your blood pumping as you adventure through lush landscapes, then cycling in Tenerife is the way to go. As an island filled with many natural trails and long roads with varied terrain, biking is a great way to get around because you get to experience the wonderful … Continued

7 Adventure Tours in Tenerife for Thrill Seekers

Tenerife is a place where adventurous experiences can happen around every corner. There are thrilling experiences that will grip you tight and no matter what your interests are, you’re sure to find something that will keep your blood pumping every second. You could take to the skies in a paragliding trip or dive to the … Continued

10 Things on Mount Teide You Must Do

If you want fun, adventure, and excitement, your next vacation destination should absolutely be Tenerife. As one of the largest islands on the Canary Islands, this must-visit destination is home to the world-famous Mount Teide, the largest mountain in Spain and a place where amazing new experiences await. You could gaze at the starry sky … Continued

Where to Go Whale Watching in Tenerife

The beauty of Tenerife is that you can go whale watching no matter where you are staying. The handy TF-1 highway takes you across the island in 1 hour and with plenty of car hire places (particularly by the airport), you can easily reach a whale watching area for a day trip. Or if you … Continued

7 Best Ways to Experience Tenerife at Night

Who says your fun has to end when the day is done? There’s no shortage of incredible adventures you can have on Tenerife, and those aren’t limited to ones you can only have in the daytime. In fact, one of the best ways to experience everything Tenerife has to offer is to go on a … Continued