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07 Oct 2019

Tenerife Fun

Tenerife Fun

The combination of warm sea water year-round and a rich marine ecosystem is what makes the waters around Tenerife so appealing to whales.

The combination of warm sea water year-round and a rich marine ecosystem is what makes the waters around Tenerife so appealing to whales. And because these majestic creatures live so close to the shore, you don’t have to venture far to see whales in Tenerife.

Tenerife is an amazing place to see whales

Species you’ll see while whale watching in Costa Adeje

Our whale watching trips leave from Puerto Colon in Costa Adeje. And although we don’t guarantee sightings (you can never be sure with animals!) so far we’ve always seen whales every time we’ve set out on a tour. The most common species you’ll see while whale watching in Costa Adeje are short-finned pilot whales, sperm whales and humpback whales.

You’re almost guaranteed to see pilot whales around Tenerife

Short-finned pilot whales

Short-finned pilot whales are the most common species to see while whale watching in Tenerife because there are several groups of them which live permanently in the waters around the island. These creatures are very social and live in groups made up of a mixture of baby, young and adult whales. Because whale watching trips in Tenerife are so common today, these gentle creatures are used to the boats and regularly come up really close and sometimes even play with the boats.

Male pilot whales grow up to 5.5m long and females up to 3.7m long, making them relatively small compared to the other whales you can see around Tenerife. But despite their small size, these whales can weigh up to a whopping 3,000kg! To maintain such a hefty weight, pilot whales eat mainly squid, but they’ll happily snack on fish if it’s available, too.

On one tour we saw a huge group of 40 pilot whales of all ages and sizes playing together right by the yacht. We made ourselves keep really quiet and could even hear them communicating with each other. It was a really magical experience and one we’d love to share with you in the future.

Sperm whales visit the waters around Tenerife in spring

Sperm whales

Sperm whales are one of the largest creatures on Earth and they can grow up to a gigantic 20.5m long! The sperm whales in the waters around Tenerife live in large groups of 20-25 individuals, usually made up of female adults and their young. Because they can dive 3km under water and stay there for up to 35 minutes when hunting for prey, they’re quite hard to see. These huge creatures need to gorge on 1 tonne of squid, octopus and fish each day just to maintain their large size.

Sperm whales rarely show much of their body above water, but thanks to their unique characteristics, they’re really easy to spot. The huge mammals have giant square-shaped heads and a dark grey-brown body with deep wrinkles on the skin that give it a prune-like appearance. They don’t have a dorsal fin like other whales, but 2/3 of the way down their backs is a marked dorsal hump.

Humpback whales are truly remarkable to see

Humpback whales

Humpback whales are another species that pass through the waters around the Canary Islands but aren’t seen very often. These stunning mammals grow to 16m long and are easy to spot, thanks to their humped backs, long pectoral fins and knobbly heads. When they come out of the water, they perform “breaching” which involves launching themselves into the air, rotating their bodies and crashing back into the water. No one is quite sure why the whales do this, but it’s an incredible thing to see!

Humpback whales migrate up to 25,000km each year, which is when they pass through the waters around Tenerife. They spend time in the polar waters hunting for food, such as krill and small fish, then move to tropical and subtropical waters to breed and give birth. During this time, they don’t eat at all and live off their fat reserves.

Best time to see whales in Tenerife

Because short-finned pilot whales live in the waters around Tenerife, you can spot them at any time of year. Sperm whales are a little more difficult to see. These marine mammals are occasional visitors to the Canaries and are most often spotted in the spring months (March-May). Humpback whales don’t have a regular schedule for visiting the Canary Islands, so it’s impossible to say when you’re most likely to see them. Just keep your eyes peeled, cross your fingers and hope for the best!

Why Tenerife.Fun offers the best whale watching Tenerife tour

With such a huge number of companies offering whale watching tours in Tenerife, choosing the right one for you can be a nightmare. To help make your decision easier and ensure you have an amazing experience at the same time, here’s why Tenerife.Fun offers the best whale watching tour on the island.

Book the best whale watching boat trip in Tenerife


Deluxe yacht that stands above the rest

Our opulent sailing boat features an open-air upper deck for sunbathing and whale spotting, a fabulous lounge and dining area where you can enjoy a bite to eat al fresco, and a shady inside bottom deck where you can retire from the Canarian sunshine and relax.

An upclose picture of Amaro Pargo, a luxury sailing yacht

The Bavaria 49 is a truly luscious experience for relaxing, fishing, and enjoying the Tenerife sea.

Small groups for a more intimate experience

Our yacht sails with a maximum of 10 guests and 2 crew members. This means everyone gets a perfect view of the marine life and has plenty of space to stretch out. And because our ship is relatively small, we can get a lot closer to the whales than the larger boats without scaring them off. With so many visitors in Costa Adeje, you definitely want to avoid the crowds. Check out one of our 3-hour4-hour, and 6-hour whale watching, small group tours and reserve your spot. Because our tours are of the highest quality, they tend to sell out fast, especially during the summer.

Wonderful crew to ensure a remarkable time at sea

Our friendly crew will charm you so much you’ll never want to leave the ship! Everyone you’ll come into contact with speaks a very high level of English and goes out of their way to ensure you have an amazing trip.

The crew of Amaro Pargo, offering world-class service in Tenerife.

Our friendly crew will make sure you have a wonderful day

Door-to-door complimentary transfers for your convenience

You’re on holiday and shouldn’t have to worry about the little things – which is why we’ve taken care of them for you! We offer a free transport service which includes both pick-up and drop-off at your hotel.

Respectful, ethical whale watching in Tenerife

Our yacht operates with a Barco Azul (Blue Boat) flag. This means we’re fully licensed to carry out whale watching tours in Tenerife and confirms we understand how to protect sea life, including how close we can safely get to the whales and how we need to conduct our tours so the animals don’t become stressed. Recently, our crew helped a local team in Costa Adeje in their mission against marine pollution. maintains the Barco Azul license for ethical whale watching.

Free gourmet food and drinks

All our tours to see whales in Tenerife include delicious Canarian food and free-flowing drinks. The type of food you’ll get to enjoy changes according to which tour you embark on. To accompany the food, we provide you with a great selection of drinks, including soft drinks, water, local Canarian wines, beer and champagne.

Food specialties and high-quality beverages served on Amaro Pargo during 6-hour Los Gigantes boat tour.

We provide gourmet food and drinks during your boat trip

Customers love us

We provide the best whale watching experience on the island, that’s more than just a boat trip. We provide an all-inclusive day at sea that over 7,010 customers from all over the world have enjoyed.


“We had a great time on our tour. The staff was very friendly and took great care of us. The coast was amazing. I was blown away by the whales. The shrimp and cava was a very classy touch. The day was all wrapped up with a beautiful sunset. The whole trip exceeded our expectations. I would definitely recommend this company for a boat tour or any other excursion.”

“We went out on the 4 hour afternoon trip last Friday 30th November on the luxury Amaro Pargo, a Bavaria 49″. It was a lovely day with a slight breeze, sufficient to put the mainsail up. We went out a fair distance from the marina and found a pod of pilot whales; there were so many … at least 50 sightings. On our way back to shore about an hour later we found a pod of dolphins, again there were a lot … and quite close to the yacht, jumping right out in front of us. It was simply brilliant. We had lovely champagne as we set off on the trip and a choice of many drinks as the day unfolded, we chose the sangria which was great. We moored in the bay at Los Cristianos for a light, tasty lunch. We have been on many similar trips but this one is at the top of the leader board in terms of enjoyment, quality and number of sightings. Thanks to the captain – Elias for a great and memorable day out and to Santi (the unsung Captain Ron) who convinced us to take the trip; not forgetting Maria and Hennadii who helped us with the booking. You can see find my video of the highlights of the day on another site you will be familiar with.”

“The 8 of us had an amazing trip out on my 40th birthday, from start to finish the staff were amazing, spotted quite a few whales & anchored up for a swim, lunch was spot on & unlimited drinks were fab, then a surprise birthday cake to end a perfect afternoon”

Book the best whale watching boat trip in Tenerife

Tours often fill up quickly because of the small group size. It’s recommended to book your boat trip as early as possible to guarantee your spot.

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