Special Event

Every special event has its own story to tell. When you are looking back on it, in a couple of years, the first thing you’ll remember would be the way you felt that day. This is why we want you to relax, have fun, and  remember only the love and positive energy you are going to experience on your special day.



Birthdays are new beginnings. And new beginnings are always worth celebrating. This year, add something special with a unique birthday celebration on a luxurious yacht in Tenerife. Have an outstanding birthday party on a private yacht with a perfect menu, music, and lots of fun activities.



There are many ways of celebrating your anniversary, but a private getaway on a luxury yacht is definitely one of the most memorable and romantic ones. Regardless if your anniversary is in winter or summer, the Tenerife sun will be waiting for you.


Celebrate Special Occations on a Private Sailboat Tour


Romantic Marriage Proposal

Planning to propose? We can help with a plan. If your partner’s dream proposal is on a romantic island with stunning views, Tenerife is the way to go. Let us take you on an marvelous boat ride and help you throw a fantastic marriage proposal in complete privacy. The last thing you need to think about before you pop the question is whether you will get the perfect picture to make this special event eternal.


Hen party

The ultimate ladies night sounds like fun, but it is definitely hard work. Keeping everyone happy before and during a bachelorette party might seem mission impossible. Not with us. As soon as everyone puts their feet inside our luxury yacht and takes a good look around, they will be having a blast. Make your hen party a huge success and keep everyone impressed with Tenerife.fun. Let us help you host a bachelorette party!


Stag party

Bachelor parties are not what they used to be—and with a good reason. After years of low-maintenance fun at the pub, lads deserve to have fun and be classy at the same time. Is there anything better than spending the “last night of freedom” relaxing on a private, luxury yacht cruising the beautiful coasts of the island? We don’t think so. Have an amazing stag party sipping quality champagne in luxury and comfort.