Markets and Shopping in Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje is home to some of the most delightful and vibrant marketplaces. Stock up on souvenirs or treat yourself to some of the delectable treats that the markets have to offer, we are absolutely positive that you will love spending a lazy afternoon meandering the maze of stalls and discovering hidden treasures. The markets cater to tourists and natives alike, so you can expect quality in abundance.

Aside from the handcrafted items, exquisite jewellery and fine goods on offer, there is also a fantastic range of local cuisine and produce to sample. After all, shopping is a hungry activity, isn’t it?

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Open Markets

The Costa Adeje markets are steeped in culture and bursting with warmth. Traditional markets have been held in Costa Adeje for hundreds of years and thrive as much today as they did back then. The wondrous thing about the Costa Adeje open markets is that you never know what you will discover around the corner. Stalls are varied, and each has a little something for everyone. A perfect family outing or romantic afternoon is in store with the magical Costa Adeje open markets.

Little Market Costa Adeje

The Fanabe Market also known as the Little Market in Costa Adeje is an open market that is buzzing with activity. Many of the stalls sell clothing and “replica” football shirts although there has been a tougher stance on counterfeit goods in recent times. Don’t expect to haggle or barter here as stall owners are very strict on their pricing. The market is inexpensive and a fine way to pass a few hours while absorbing some of the local culture.

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Produce Market Adeje

The produce market as its name suggests is Costa Adeje’s farmer’s market. Open on a Wednesday from 3pm to 7pm and Sunday morning from 8:00am to 1:30pm, you will find plenty of local produce and regional liquor. Parking is free, and the market is easily accessible by public transport, so you have no excuse not to drop by and see all of the delightful produce the market has to offer.

Artisan Market el Mirador

The Artisan Market el Mirador is a rarer market, opening only on the first and third Sunday of each month. It boasts a huge variety of products that will be sure to make your relatives smile when the receive a beautiful handcrafted gift or some fine jewellery. Forming part of a larger shopping experience within el Mirador, the Artisan Market is the perfect place for souvenir hunters and those that delight in slightly quirkier items.

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Shopping Malls

Shopping is a popular pastime of tourists and locals alike and there are many plazas and malls that cater to shoppers in Costa Adeje. Bartering and haggling used to be a major part of Spanish culture along with an influx of “replica” (counterfeit) goods, however, sadly this is not so common anymore and the shopping facilities are geared towards more commercial enterprises. One thing is for sure, if you’re shopping in Costa Adeje and you’re looking for a holiday bargain you will not be at all short on choice.

Plaza Del Duque

The Plaza del Duque is a large, modern, light and wholly satisfying shopping complex. With sweeping minimalistic architecture and an abundance of high-end retailers this is the go-to place for designer goods and all of the latest fashions. You can easily spend hours in the Plaza del Duque and don’t say we didn’t warn you if you end up leaving adorned with bags and empty pockets.

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Gran Sur Commercial Centre

The Gran Sur Commercial Centre Costa Adeje is a vast and sprawling complex, with retailers catering to all price ranges, fast food outlets and department stores. Parking is free, and the commercial centre is also easily accessible by local public transport. This is your all in one shopping experience with bargains and high-end products all housed under one huge roof.

Centro Commercial El Mirador

This shopping centre is also home to the Artisan Market, if you’re looking for replica goods and designer goods you will not be disappointed spending a few hours at the Centro Commercial El Mirador Costa Adeje. This shopping complex is home to all the latest fashion and is predominantly made up of clothing stores with a few independent boutiques and eateries.

Buying Tips

In the large shopping malls, nearly all stores will accept card payments (check with your bank for any extra charges) and shopping is a fairly relaxed experience. When shopping in markets with independent sellers, you’ll be better off with cash. You’ll also need to haggle like a local to get the best price! When you pick something up from a stall, this usually means you’re interested in buying it, so be prepared to negotiate a price. If you don’t want to buy, or the price is just too high, you can of course politely decline. Most, if not all, store assistants and market sellers will be able to speak English.