Cycling in Tenerife – The Complete Guide

If you want an exhilarating way to get your blood pumping as you adventure through lush landscapes, then cycling in Tenerife is the way to go. As an island filled with many natural trails and long roads with varied terrain, biking is a great way to get around because you get to experience the wonderful sights up close while getting a great workout too. When you’re ready to put the pedal to the metal, here is the complete guide to cycling in Tenerife, with the best bikes and tours you can get.

Rental Bikes in Tenerife

You can rent high quality resilient bicycles that will save you the trouble of bringing your own. Bikes are in great condition and rentals include everything you need like a pump, camera, padlock, and odometer. These bikes are top of the line and are built to handle everything each trail will throw at you, and everything is kept in great condition just waiting for you to ride. Here are some of the best rental bikes you can take through the rugged mountain roads.

1. Basic Road 105

Basic Road 105 professional racing bikes are built to handle speed and response in a powerful way. These bikes will blaze through each trail while you stay confident that your precision is matched point for point. From the moment you sit on the comfortable seat, you’ll immediately notice that the balance is perfect and the weight is as light as a feather. Get ready to take off like a rocket with this bike at your disposal.

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3. E-MTB

The Bianchi Avenger is the fastest electric mountain bike you’ll find, and when you take it to the road, you’ll taste that speed firsthand. This bike features an aluminum frame and hydraulic disc brakes to make your riding experience smooth and comfortable while delivering on the power needed to ride through Tenerife’s trails and roads without worry. If you’re going to be making your way up Mount Teide, you’ll need a bike that can get the job done, and this one certainly can.

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4. Gran Fondo DB

If you care about performance and safety without compromising aesthetics, you’ll be happy to see this powerhouse waiting for you. The bike features disc brakes to keep you safe and controlled while reducing stress on long distances. If you’re a biking enthusiast who knows your way around a bike rack, then just one look at this beauty will tell you everything you need to know. 

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5. Pro Road DB Ultegra

It’s fast, it’s comfortable, and it’s ready for you! The 785 Huez Disc is a favorite of riders everywhere for it’s perfect handling and high-quality riding. The bike feels springy to the ground and will sail uphill with ease. Whether you’re ascending or descending, the grip is reliable and holds well enough to make you feel safe no matter how hard you’re tearing through the roads. If you want the perfect option for your biking excursion, you might not need to look much further.

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Cycling Tours

There are many cycling tours that can take you all around the locales, planning the best routes so you get the most out of your trip. Each route is distinct but provides amazing views, challenging workouts, and unforgettable experiences no matter which one you take.

It’s always a great time to take to the streets on biking tours that will guide you across the island. With all there is to see crossing your path, you’ll always have something fresh and exciting in your view every time you head out. Guides are friendly and knowledgeable, you’ll get ready to head out bright and early and get picked up directly from your hotel. From there you’ll begin the trek with a gentle start. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, the guide will keep pace to ensure you’re at full comfort.

No matter what route you choose, you’ll be treated to jaw-dropping views of stunning landscapes wherever you look. Biking through the island will be a great workout that will get you pumped for even more, and when you’re ready, the next route will be calling your name. Here are the most fulfilling cycling tours that are waiting for you to blaze through their trails.

1. The Los Gigantes Route

Dart across majestic cliffs with the Los Gigantes cycling route. Taking this path will run you through fantastic seaside views and villages that will give you a taste of local Tenerife living. You’ll be able to see all the way to La Gomera from these cliffs, and the ride up will prove a challenging and fulfilling experience. The cliffs are some of the oldest in Tenerife, and when you go with the Los Gigantes route, you’ll be making your way up to the majestic Mount Teide itself.

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2. The Masca Route

The Masca Route is a rewarding challenge for any cycling enthusiast. This lush trail will take you all the way through snaking ways and sharp turns on cliffsides that are sure to get your blood pumping with every turn. You’ll be making your way to the stunning Teno Lighthouse, a must-see landmark that’ll be even more rewarding when you make it there yourself. If you’re a film fan, you might recognize this trail as it was used in the iconic opening sequence for Fast and the Furious 6, and it’ll look even more gorgeous in real life than on the screen!

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3. The Teide Route

Make your way up to the iconic peak as you take the most direct route to Mount Teide. If you’re visiting Tenerife, then there’s one destination you absolutely can not miss, and that is the mighty mountain looming over the island. When traveling by bike, you’ll see the panoramic scenery up close, with craters, volcanic dust, and maybe even a bit of lava too. Experience the best that Mount Teide has to offer in this adrenaline-filled biking course.

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3 hours
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Up to 10

Private 3hr Whale & Dolphin Watching Experience (10pax)

We think your whale and dolphin experience should be as intimate as possible. These wild creatures are majestic and this boat trip allows you to get up close and personal to truly enjoy the experience. Over 21 different whale and dolphin species swim in these oceans.

1. Watch whales, spot dolphins and search for different types of fish on the open waters of Tenerife.
2. Sunbathe on board and swim in the crystal-clear waters. Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit.

Enjoy a fun snorkeling session at the beautiful port of Armeñime. Create wonderful memories while sightseeing untouched nature.

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Group Size
Up to 10

Private 4hr Family Fiesta Boating Experience (10pax)

Even more time to enjoy your whale watching experience! See more dolphins, turtles, whales, and wild marine life, while enjoying an extended menu of local cuisine and unlimited champagne, sangria, and more.

We want you and your family to have a memorable, intimate experience out at sea. That's why we went above and beyond to offer you a whale and dolphin watching trip your children will be talking about for months to come.

1. For 4-hours, get away from the busy streets of Costa Adeje and shift to the best whale and dolphin watching excursions that attract millions, year-round.
2. Experience bits of the slow-paced life of whales and their pups, and the vibrant personality of dolphins in their natural environment -- the dream of every animal enthusiast.
3. Take a long break from everyday life in the tranquil waters settled between the edges of Los Cristianos.
4. Dip your body into the water, enter and explore an unknown world snorkeling -- you’ll be surprised at how much there is to see just from the surface.
5. Relax in comfort as we take you around the most picturesque scenery in Tenerife, the shores of natural beaches shaped by the drama of a volcanic cone.

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