Siam Park – The Ultimate Guide (2020 Edition)

Siam Park Water Park is the 5-star waterpark in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, Spain that people visit from all over the world. With over 20 rides and attractions to visit, you’d best plan your day carefully if you want to see all that the Thai-themed park has to offer! Trust us, you won’t want to miss out. 

COVID Notice: Siam Park has re-opened on May 29, 2021 with new safety measures!


In this complete guide to Siam Park, we’ve literally covered everything you could ever want to know, answering all the questions that need answering about this incredible theme park in the Canary Islands so you don’t need to spend hours scrolling through TripAdvisor and pulling your hair out at Siam Park’s official website.

If you care about getting the best value for your money and making sure you really get the best out of your trip to Siam Park in Tenerife, this is the guide for you.

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Table of Contents

  1. What is Siam Park Tenerife?
  2. Siam Park – Everything You Need to Know
  3. What Should I Expect?
  4. Siam Park Opening Times
  5. Does The Park Close Over Christmas?
  6. What Happens if the Park Closes Due to Bad Weather?
  7. When Is the Best Time to Visit Siam Park?
  8. Is There Disabled Access at Siam Park?
  9. Can You Use Action Cameras on the Rides?
  10. Is There Merchandise and Ride Photos Available?
  11. What Should I Take to Siam Park?
  12. How Much Should I Budget?
  13. Will I Enjoy Siam Park?
  14. What Should I Wear in Siam Park?
  15. Is Siam Park Heated?
  16. Can I Bring My Own Food into Siam Park?
  17. How Expensive is the Food in Siam Park?
  18. Siam Park Holidays for Families
  19. Best Siam Park Rides for Families
  20. Planning Your Siam Park Holiday
  21. Is there an age restriction?
  22. What are the Siam Park height restrictions on the rides?
  23. Can kids enter Siam Water Park without an adult?
  24. Are there family deals on Siam Park tickets?
  25. Siam Park Holidays for Couples
  26. Best Attractions in Siam Water Park for Couples
  27. Making Siam Water Park a Trip to Remember
  28. Siam Park Holidays for Adult Groups
  29. Things for Adults to Do in Siam Park
  30. Tenerife Siam Park Group Holiday Advice
  31. Siam Park at Night
  32. Siam Park Holidays for Solo Travellers
  33. What Siam Park Rides are Good for Solo Travellers?
  34. Planning a Siam Park Holiday Solo
  35. Siam Park Tickets
  36. Siam Park Ticket Types
  37. Siam Park Fast Passes
  38. VIP Ticket
  39. Siam Park Tenerife Prices
  40. Siam Park Tickets on The Door
  41. Hiring Cabanas at Siam Park
  42. Buy Siam Park Tenerife Tickets
  43. Loro Parque Twin Ticket
  44. Can I Show My Siam Park Tickets on My Phone?
  45. Where is Siam Park Tenerife?
  46. Siam Park Free Bus Route
  47. Shuttle Service
  48. Where is Siam Park Located in Costa Adeje?
  49. Puerto de la Cruz to Siam Park
  50. Los Cristianos to Siam Park
  51. Playas des las Americas to Siam Park
  52. Siam Park Bus Routes
  53. Siam Park Map
  54. Full Index of Siam Park Rides, Restaurants and Everything In-Between
  55. Siam Park All-Inclusive Holidays
  56. Siam Park Hotel List
  57. Green Garden Apartments with Siam Park
  58. Parque Cristobal Bungalows & Siam Park
  59. Gran Oasis Resort & Siam Park Waterpark
  60. Hotel Playa Olid & Siam Park
  61. Coral Compostela Beach Golf Apartments and Siam Park
  62. Hotel Villa Mandi Golf Resort and Siam Park
  63. Bitacora Hotel with Siam Park
  64. Best Jacaranda Hotel with Siam Park
  65. What Can I Do Nearby?
  66. Things to Do Near Siam Park
  67. Explore Costa Adeje

What is Siam Park Tenerife?

Siam Park is one of the best water parks in Europe! And certainly the best water park in Spain. The South of Tenerife couldn’t be a better place for a water park, with year-round sunshine and stunning views over the coastal town as you soar through the air on one of the heart-racing water slides.

We’re really not exaggerating when we say Siam Park is one of the best. It was opened by royalty, the Princess of Thailand, and has been named as the best water park in the world by TripAdvisor. Twice.

Covering 46 acres, Thai-themed Siam Park scales the hilly terrain around Costa Adeje, in the South of Tenerife, Spain. The steep slopes provide the perfect stage for some amazing water rides.

But it’s not all about the adrenaline rush!


There’s plenty to do here to relax. Siam Water Park is designed for all ages and all kinds of holiday-goers. Sunbathe by the beach (the sand is imported from Africa and won’t stick to your skin) or do a little shopping in the Floating Market. If you don’t fancy getting wet or just aren’t into fast water rides, you’ll still enjoy your day here.


There’s always the worry that halfway through the day your kids will kick up a fuss when they run out of things to occupy them. That doesn’t happen at Siam Park. There are rides for all ages, from tiny toddlers to grumpy teenagers, whether you want to go separate ways or stick together as a family.


Adrenaline junkies, rejoice. Not only does Siam Park have the highest waves from an artificial wave machine in the world, it also has some world-renowned rides. Tower of Power never disappoints with a terrifying drop as you slide through the shark tank. It’s not for the faint-hearted.

Siam Park – Everything You Need to Know

The aim is to give you all of the information about Siam Park in one place, so before trawling through forums and trying to find the answers to questions, make sure you check here and see if we haven’t already answered them for you. From using GoPros to Disabled Access; here are the must have answers for your trip to Siam Park.

What Should I Expect?

Siam Park is a busy water park containing some of the best acclaimed water rides in the world, with something for everyone. Reviews for Siam Park frequently rate the rides and attractions as the best of any waterpark the reviewer has visited. Because of its popularity, the park also gets very busy and can even become crowded on popular days – on these days you should expect queuing and ensure you’re there for the duration of the day to enjoy all the attractions.

Siam Park Opening Times

Summer Timetable: During the summer, Siam Park operates standard opening hours of 10am till 6pm. Summer is regarded as May 1st through to October 31st.

Winter Timetable: During the winter Siam Park operates standard opening hours of 10am till 5pm. Winter is

regarded as November 1st to April 30th.

Variance: There are times throughout the year where opening times vary such as night openings that have occurred during the peak of summer (typically on weekends) as well as dates when the Park is closed. If you are ever unsure of opening times there is a simple enquiry form on which employees respond to normally within 48 hours.

Does The Park Close Over Christmas?

Siam Park is currently open 365 days a year – meaning you can enjoy the water park on Christmas Day!

Opening times and closure days are subject to change so it is best to check with the Park using their online enquiry form at least 48 hours in advance of travel.

What Happens if the Park Closes Due to Bad Weather?

Siam Park tends to remain open providing it is safe to do so which means that on days where the weather is poor, you may find the park is open but attractions affected by the weather are closed.

It is a good idea to check the weather forecast in advance of travel and aim to travel on days with clear weather to guarantee a full Siam Park experience.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Siam Park?

During the summer months, Siam Park is incredibly busy because of its immense popularity. The park tends to be packed all week long with a slightly quieter day each Sunday.

During the winter months (especially December) the park experiences its least busy period as holidaymakers tend to not travel as frequently during this time. On any given day in December the footfall monitoring on Google is around 25% of its usual amount.

Visitors have also noticed slightly less busy experiences on Mondays and Wednesdays during peak times although there is little information apart from guest reviews to back this up.

Is There Disabled Access at Siam Park?

Siam Park offers disabled access across the park however there are a few things to be aware of if visiting the park with a disability;

  • Disabilities are wide ranging and some disabled people may struggle in Siam Park. Those with autism may find the experience overwhelming while individuals who are partially mobile may find it difficult to stop and find space to rest.
  • The park does offer assistance to those with disabilities so it is worth seeking assistance at the information centre to maximise park enjoyment.
  • Wheelchair access is fairly good (with adequate space and ramps wherever possible) but gradients across the park vary and some areas can be steep, making them more difficult to navigate.

Can You Use Action Cameras on the Rides?

Yes! Siam Park permits safe GoPro (action cameras) usage and in order to use a GoPro you must adhere to the safety precautions of the park. Siam Park advise that GoPro users should seek permission first at the information centre and must have the GoPro securely fastened to either a harness or headband.

Free use of action cameras (i.e. your smartphone held in your hands or on a selfie stick) is not permitted as this is seen as a safety hazard.

Is There Merchandise and Ride Photos Available?

Siam Park doesn’t have ride photos unfortunately, however you can purchase photos on entry or exit to commemorate your day.

The Floating Market also provides shops that are fairly reasonably priced for snacks, sweets, sunscreen and sunglasses as well as souvenirs of your day in the park.

What Should I Take to Siam Park?

There are a few things you should pack when visiting Siam Park;

  • Sun protection and water shoes (these can be bought in the park if you forget)
  • Towels and bathing suits
  • Money for souvenirs, snacks and drinks

It is best to avoid taking valuables where possible as even though Siam Park does offer secure storage for valuables, they do not take responsibility for losses. Things like jewelry, watches and tablet devices that aren’t suitable for robust use should be left at home.

How Much Should I Budget?

Budgeting for your trip to Siam Park is dependent on how long you intend to stay and how much you want to spend in the park itself. A safe budget for a bite to eat, something to drink and a fast pass to avoid the queues is €25 per person. You can, however, visit without spending very much at all – especially if you have bought your own food and drinks.

For those looking for the best experience regardless of cost, a €50 per person budget will take care of food, fast passes, drinks and souvenirs including park photos available at the entrance.

Will I Enjoy Siam Park?

People that like water rides, love social environments and are partial to a bit of thrill-seeking behavior will be impressed with all that Siam Park has to offer.

Siam Park can be a little overwhelming though for some as it does get very busy at times. This can lead to negative experiences, especially for those not expecting queues for attractions. Some people also find the rides marked red to be too fast and/or scary – but there’s plenty of calmer rides to keep you occupied.

Overall, feedback across all ages has been generally very positive so you can reasonably expect a good time when visiting Siam Park. If you feel overwhelmed then make sure you read about local attractions to pass the time close to Siam Park at the bottom of this guide.

What Should I Wear in Siam Park?

Siam Park is of course a water park so you can expect plenty of swimwear being worn in and around the park.

The dress code at Siam Park is fairly relaxed and they allow most swimwear providing it is protecting modesty and on the other end of the spectrum allow more conservative swimwear including swimming shorts for women.

As long as it’s not loose or could fall off on the rides, the attendants will let you wear a close-fitting t-shirt on any of the rides.

The park advises all of their guests to bring flip flops or water shoes, but even if you do forget, barefoot navigation of the park is possible in cooler weather. You can buy shoes within the park if the walkways are too hot for your feet.

Lastly, Siam Park is a sun bathers paradise as it is bathed in sunshine most of the year. It is advisable that guests make sure they are properly protected from the sun and wear hats, sunglasses and sun cream when relaxing in Siam Park.

Is Siam Park Heated?

Siam Park artificially heats their pools to 24°C, although it can vary a little depending on the weather.

During the cooler months it’s a good idea to bring a cover up or sarong for walking between rides where the water is heated.

The water is also chlorinated and treated for hygiene purposes to ensure a safe swimming environment for all. It is not saltwater.

Can I Bring My Own Food into Siam Park?

Officially, you cannot bring food into Siam Park – it is against the rules. This is enforced at the gate where people bringing cool boxes are asked to leave them behind.

Many guests have reported taking snacks and water into the park without detection as bags aren’t always routinely searched. The application of the rule isn’t always strict but in order to avoid disappointment it is best to not pack food for your visit. You never know if your bag will be picked for a deeper search.

The food policy makes enjoying the park for those with food allergies and dietary concerns a very frustrating endeavor. Be prepared, as the food provided in the park is often not allergen free or prepared in allergen free environments.

How Expensive is the Food in Siam Park?

The food is reasonably priced across the park which puts it in the medium-priced category. A slice of pizza, for example, is around €3. Food is typically a little dearer in Siam Park than it would be in an equivalent restaurant outside of the park and some guests have found buying food in Siam Park too costly for their spending attitude.

You should prepare to pay a moderate amount for food but in context, Siam Park food is equivalent to middling/nice restaurants across Tenerife in terms of cost.

Siam Park Holidays for Families

There are few attractions that perfectly manage to balance entertaining the kids and adults at the same time. Siam Park does just that. With rides for the kids and adults, pools for babies, and opportunities for weary parents to put their feet up, there’s a little something for everyone here.

Siam Park offers fast rides, relaxing rides, fast food and fresh food options, plus events and attractions that cater to those who don’t want to get wet. The waterpark will easily fill an entire day – or several days – on your Tenerife holiday.

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Best Siam Park Rides for Families

While older kids and teenagers will be racing off on adventures on all the rides, families with younger kids tend to stick together! Siam Park has a range of rides and attractions to make a nice family day out, including:

The Lost City

Designed for younger kids to enjoy the water slides, this playground is great for youngsters who aren’t quite tall enough for the rides. There’s no lower age limit and the pool is designed safely for babies too. There are toilets right next to The Lost City and Thai Bar (serving soft drinks and cocktails for the adults) is a good place to relax nearby, while the kids play.

Coco Beach

The soft white sand on this beach is imported from Africa and won’t stick to your feet! There are lounge chairs for the adults to sunbathe on while the mini wave pool is gentle enough for young children to get their feet wet and is patrolled constantly by lifeguards.

Bodhi Trail

Take a walk among the treetops. Bodhi Trail is a set of bridges, towers and obstacles for you to climb over. It’s designed for all ages and adults are welcome to help little ones climb through it. It’s a sure way to kill some time and keeps water to the minimum – perfect for unsure swimmers.

Planning Your Siam Park Holiday

Siam Park is perfect for families and is centred around offering you an awesome day out in the Tenerife sunshine.

We have a few tips to help your visit go smoothly:

  • Leave prams and buggies at the hotel – there’s not enough storage space in the lockers.
  • It’s ok if you forget sun-lotion and other essentials, you can buy these from the Floating Market and most ride queues are designed to be in the shade.
  • Take water shoes with you or buy some in the park. The floor can get quite hot and tough on kid’s feet. Sandals and flip flops need to be taken off before the rides, while water shoes can be worn all day on all rides and won’t get lost!
  • Food is kid-friendly in the park (chicken nuggets, pizza, etc.) but there’s also some adult options (crepes, alcohol, etc.). Just remember to budget enough money as food prices aren’t cheap.
  • Decide where your family will meet up if someone gets separated.

Siam Park will undoubtedly keep everyone occupied for at least a day but when you start to get tired of the crowds, there are plenty of other exciting water adventures to be had, from whale watching to snorkeling with turtles. (LINK)—————————–

Is there an age restriction?

Yes, there is an age restriction on certain rides, like the Tower of Power which has a minimum age limit of 14.

All other rides are restricted by height rather than age – see below.

Generally, kids around 6+ years will be able to ride many of the smaller rides. Kids younger than that still have plenty to do, including Coco Beach and Sawasdee (small rides for all ages).

What are the Siam Park height restrictions on the rides?

There are some height restrictions on the Siam Park rides and slides which are taken seriously by the ride attendants who will measure you to double check!

Quite a few kid-friendly attractions have a 1.1 metre height restriction (around the average height of a 6 year old) with most other rides without age restrictions are set at 1.25 metres (average for an 8 year old).

1.1 Metre Restriction

  • Mai Thai River
  • Naga Racer
  • Jungle Snake
  • Mekong Rapids
  • Patong Rapids

1.25 Metre Restriction

  • The Giant
  • Kinnaree
  • Dragon
  • The Vulcano
  • Singha

The Tower of Power attraction height restriction is set at 1.45 metres.

There are plenty of smaller water slides and pool areas that kids under these heights can visit – no one will be left out.

Can kids enter Siam Water Park without an adult?

While the ticket system means that any kid over the age of 12 must pay the full price, they can’t necessarily enter the park by themselves!

Older teenagers (generally 16+) can enter the park by themselves or with a group of similarly aged kids. The park is considered a safe place for kids to play, with lifeguards stationed at every ride and strict height/age rules on certain rides for safety. Younger children should always be accompanied by an adult.

Although they don’t always verify the age of every single person entering the waterpark, Siam Park can request to see photo ID at the entrance so make sure you always bring that with you regardless.

Are there family deals on Siam Park tickets?

There are a variety of deals and ticket options for Siam Park, but there’s currently no group ticket or discount for entering the park with a certain number of adults and kids. If you’re yet to book your Tenerife holiday, you could book all-inclusive hotel deals that include free park admission. See our list of Siam Park inclusive hotels.

There are also seasonal tickets that will save money for the family if you’re visiting several times over the summer.

See our comprehensive guide to buying tickets for Siam Park to work out which is best for you.

Siam Park Holidays for Couples

Siam Park is an awesome place to visit as a couple, whether you’re searching for a super romantic outing or just some time to relax and enjoy your holiday. There are plenty of rides and attractions that are more suited to adults than kids. With a well-planned trip to visit the park in the quieter seasons, it can be pretty romantic too.

Although primarily advertised for families and kids, there are plenty of adults and adrenaline junkies that love visiting the park. You certainly won’t be the odd ones out because you aren’t taking kids with you!

In our guide you can also find some extra things to do around Siam Park and recommendations on how to get the best out of your visit, including some excellent nearby restaurants to stop at.

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Best Attractions in Siam Water Park for Couples

Here are our top choices of what you should do if you’re visiting Siam Park as a couple. With these rides and attractions, you can spend some quality time together and still fill your adrenaline-junkie quota for the holiday.

Patong Rapids

A thrilling ride with some surprisingly beautiful – and dare we say, romantic – views out over Tenerife’s coast. Keep your eyes peeled because the views go by fast! The queue for this ride tends to go quite fast, so it’s a good place to visit when the rest of the park is super busy and you want to get back in on the fun quickly.

If sightseeing beautiful views are really your thing, you should take a look at taking a yacht tour while you’re in Costa Adeje to see dolphins, whales and Los Gigantes.


This is the newest ride in Siam Park, a hybrid water roller coaster with high speeds and sharp turns. Impress your partner by holding your hands up and smiling through the 14 direction changes. You should definitely make time for Singha on your Siam Water Park trip, especially if you want that big dose of adrenaline.

Tea House

If you want to treat yourselves to something a bit nicer than the comfort junk food (mostly burgers and pizzas) available in the restaurants at Siam Park, we recommend the Tea House. You can buy crepes, ice cream sundaes and other sweet foods to share here.

Champagne Club

Need a break from all the screaming kids? The Champagne club offers you a bottle of champagne for two as you relax on Balinese beds with spectacular views over the park. Spaces are limited so you’ll need to head over there quickly in the morning or sneak away later when the park gets quiet in the evening.

Making Siam Water Park a Trip to Remember

Siam Park is busy all year round, so if you’re thinking of visiting Siam Park and the thought of hundreds of screaming kids doesn’t appeal, you’ll want to visit in the quieter seasons when the kids are at school. Bear in mind that there will be queues regardless of when you visit – it is a world-renowned attraction, after all. Sundays are usually a bit calmer and less crowded.

In March, average temperatures in Costa Adeje are around 20°C and in October temperatures can be as high as 26°C with the last of the summer sun’s rays. Winter visits to Tenerife might be your best option. Just remember that opening and closing times differ in the quieter times of the year (see FAQs for up to date times).

Our final recommendation is to leave the park for your dinner! The best place nearby for a romantic meal for two is the La Terrazza del Mare restaurant right be Playa de Troya. Live music, fresh seafood and views of the ocean are unmissable (take a look at the menu). You can take a gentle walk there in about 20 minutes or catch a bus from Siam Park.

Do we need to share rides with other couples?

There are certain rides in Siam Water Park that send 4 people down at a time – namely Kinnaree, Mekong Rapids, Dragon, The Vulcano, and Patong Rapids (which can allow 3 at a time).

The ride attendants won’t split you up onto different boats/floats, but they may require that you share with another 2 people, especially on funnel-style rides where having 4 people for balance is essential.

Plenty of couples queue up for all these rides and the ride attendant will find other couples for you to share with – you won’t miss out!

Siam Park Holidays for Adult Groups

Adults can have fun too! Whether you want to relive your childhood or truly enjoy the hot Tenerife sun, Siam Park is a great place to visit. The park caters to those of all ages, so you certainly won’t be feeling left out.

For adult groups, there are plenty of things to do. With many rides designed to send 4 people down in one go, visiting in a group can work out to be a great way to get through the queues quickly, without all that waiting for another pair or solo person to join you on the float.

There are currently no group deals on Siam Park tickets for adults, but travelling as a group will definitely save you some money. From sharing lockers to splitting the cost of a Cabana. Large groups are welcome at Siam Park.

Things for Adults to Do in Siam Park

Sure, Siam Park appeals to kids the most… but there’s so much here for adults to do. Try these 4 great things to do in Siam Park for adult groups, whether you’re adventure-seekers or just looking for a relaxing day in the sunshine with a cocktail in one hand.

Jungle Snake

A great ride to start with and get your toes wet. The Jungle Snake is a good slide for anyone, no matter their age. You can choose to ride solo or in a pair, so if you have an odd number of adults in your group this will ensure that everyone can have a go.


An exciting ride for 4 adults. The Vulcano takes you on a water slide with a laser show! It’s marked red, as one of the more thrilling rides for adults and adrenaline junkies only. You’ll need 4 people per float.

Thai Bar

Located near the Mai Thai river, we love this little bar. They serve great alcohol drinks and have comfy sofas to relax on when you need a break from all the rides. Stop by the lockers to pick up your ID if you look a little on the young side! This is our top choice if you want a nice drink but don’t want to pay extra for the Champagne Club.


Cabanas are VIP villas in Siam Park that you can rent for your trip. They hold up to 6 people and can be booked when you purchase your tickets. This deal also includes a Fast Pass and all-inclusive deals in the restaurants. They are great for large adult groups who want somewhere private to relax, take a shower or even watch some TV by the minibar.

Tenerife Siam Park Group Holiday Advice

Of all the rides, most are suited to adults and with alcoholic beverages served, this water park is one of the best for adult groups. We have a few tips to make your visit smoother:

  • Enquire or book Cabanas in advance. They can be booked on-the-day but during the busiest seasons they are booked up fast.
  • Take cover ups if you’re not comfortable walking around in your swimwear to the bars and restaurants. You’ll need to leave this at the bottom of each ride or in your locker.
  • Get the Fast Pass, it costs only €15 and will keep everyone in your group happy, even the impatient one.

Skip to Tickets for more info about the Fast Pass.

Is it all aimed at children?

No, there’s something here for all ages from toddlers to the elderly. If you aren’t into fast rides, there are still beaches to sunbathe on, pools to swim in and even luxury options to relax with, like the champagne club.

Many of the rides are teen/adult-only, thanks to the height restrictions. If you need something to entertain you but don’t fancy the rides, you might struggle to fill a full day in the park. Top up your adventure with an extra Tenerife excursion. (link)——————————-

Are there weight restrictions on the rides?

Yes, there are weight restrictions on some of the faster rides. Rides with weight restrictions are clearly signed before you start queuing up. Most weight restrictions are on the 2-4 people rides, where the limit is around 300kg per boat/float.

Is the park suitable for elderly people?

Yes, there are things for elderly people to do in the park. Sunbathing by the beach, relaxing in a Cabana, or just wandering around the Floating Market. The park is not suitable for those who cannot walk long distances (there’s no inner-park transport) or need to stay in the cool/shade at all times.

Siam Park at Night

The 16+ event at Siam Park overnight is only available for a limited time, usually on Friday and Saturday nights in the summer, July and August. All the rides are open and the park is lit up with lights. There are also live DJs playing by the beach and restaurants.

Siam Park at night is great for adults – the queues are kept to a minimum, with just a minute or two wait time, and the cool air means you won’t need to wear sunscreen or buy shoes for the hot floor.

Night ticket prices (8pm to midnight) are the same cost as a day ticket. There’s plenty of other nightlife events around Costa Adeje to enjoy besides Siam Park. (LINK)————

Siam Park Holidays for Solo Travellers

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t enjoy travelling to Siam Park by yourself. Whether you’re enjoying a great Tenerife holiday solo or just can’t convince your fellow travellers to go with you, you’ll definitely not regret going by yourself.

Young or old, Siam Park is a welcoming place and if you decide it’s not for you, you’re only a 20 minute walk (or quick bus ride) away from the waterfront in Costa Adeje where there are plenty of other things for solo travellers to do.

What Siam Park Rides are Good for Solo Travellers?

Besides the beaches and pools where you can sunbathe and swim by yourself happily, you can also get on many of the rides without needing a partner too.

Jungle Snake

This ride allows you to travel solo or with another person, if you happen to make a friend while you’re in the park. It’s a fun ride, not too gentle but definitely not the scariest either – this should be your first stop!

Tower of Power

Ride solo down the Tower of Power. It’s not for the faint-hearted! Take a terrifying plunge down the water slide and zoom through the shark and ray tanks at the bottom. It’s no surprise that some people come to Siam Park just for this ride.

Beach Bar

Down by Siam Beach, you’ll be drooling at the great aromas coming from the Beach Bar. Here you can find great BBQ treats and other snacks to munch on. This is our favourite place to eat as solo travellers as you can eat your food on the go or standing up – no more awkwardly looking for a table for one.

Mai Thai River

Float solo along a tropical river at a relaxed pace. The Mai Thai River is a great way to take a moment to yourself without the adrenaline of the larger water slides. You’ll have a rubber float all to yourself and some great views to admire along the way.

If boat rides are something you’re interested in, you absolutely cannot visit Costa Adeje without trying a water excursion. (LINK)————–

Planning a Siam Park Holiday Solo

Siam Park is a very social place, you’re bound to make friends with the locals or the countless British tourists who visit the park all year round. Travelling solo won’t hold you back from the bigger rides that require 4 people either. The attendants manning each ride will ask the queue for solo riders or couples to fill up each float.

Tenerife is a great destination if you’re thinking about travelling solo – it’s considered a very safe destination for women travelling alone, for example. You’ll find that Siam Park, Costa Adeje and the rest of the holiday destinations around Tenerife are bustling with British tourists and very friendly towards English speaking travellers, whether you’re alone or not.

Siam Park Tickets

Official posted prices for tickets. We found better prices – read below for the best deals.

When it comes to buying a ticket, we know you’re going to want the best deal. While Siam Park doesn’t offer group deals for multiple people entering the park, there are still some good ticket options that can make your trip excellent value for money.

Siam Park Ticket Types

A standard ticket covers your admission to the park. Once you’re inside, you don’t need to pay to go on any of the rides or see the attractions. Things you’ll need money for that aren’t included in standard ticket are:

  • Souvenirs in the stores.
  • Supplies including shoes and sunscreen.
  • Food and drink in restaurants and bars.
  • Photos (available to buy/haggle for upon exit).
  • Locker rental (you’ll get your money back at the end of the day).

Tickets options for each age range:

  1. Children under 2 years old enter for free.
  2. Children 3 to 11 years old need a kid’s ticket.
  3. Teenagers and adults age 11+ need an adult’s ticket.

Up to date prices below.

Siam Park Fast Passes

A Fast Pass costs an additional €15 with your ticket and enables you to get past the queues and onto the rides in a matter of minutes.

The standard Fast Pass is valid for one use on each ride. You can get unlimited Fast Passes with the VIP ticket and Cabana hire.

We highly recommend the Fast Pass if you’re visiting Siam Park in the heights of summer – you’ll avoid the hour-long queues and not have to spend so much time standing in direct sunlight.

VIP Ticket

The VIP Ticket includes admission plus Fast Pass access (preferential access) to all rides except the Tower of Power. You also have all-inclusive service at the Beach Bar and Club, Thai House and Bar. You’ll still need to pay separately for alcoholic drinks and sweet treats at the Tea House.

You also get a towel and locker included with this price – although you need to pay a separate deposit for these, you’ll get your money back at the end of the day.

Siam Park Tenerife Prices

When you’re looking at ticket prices, you’ll soon notice that none are cheaper than the tickets sold by AttractionTix. There are deals and coupons available with their tickets. Vouchers to spend in the park or coupons for free meals are available using the links below. Use the links below to buy your tickets in advance.

Siam Park Tickets on The Door

You can buy tickets at the door, if you’re ready to queue. You might also find tickets for sale at hotels and stores around Costa Adeje, but these sellers are not permitted to sell the tickets for less than what the park is charging at the gate.

Your best bet to ensure you get tickets for the day you want to visit is to order them online and print them out.

Hiring Cabanas at Siam Park

A Cabana costs around €460 to hire for a full day (it’s up to you how you split it between yourselves) and includes all-inclusive eating at the restaurants and Fast Passes. See the VIP ticket for more details – it includes the same things.

Buy Siam Park Tenerife Tickets

The best place we’ve found to buy tickets is with Attractiontix

Their prices are the lowest – they come with vouchers for meals or to spend in the stores in Siam Park, plus free FAST TRACK entry to the park.

It’s a reliable place to buy your tickets and they provide lots of detail on what’s included and which tickets you need.

You can buy tickets, hire Cabanas and pay for transport with this site too.

Loro Parque Twin Ticket

A really great deal is the Loro Parque + Siam Park Twin Ticket option, which includes fast track entry to both parks with kids under 6 going free.

Entry to Siam Park for 2 adults and 2 kids will cost you around €120 – exactly the same as Loro Parque. It would cost you €240 to buy tickets separately, but buying twin tickets from attractiontix would only cost just over €200, plus they have ticket options that include transport to both parks from Costa Adeje, saving you the trouble of arranging it yourself.

Loro Parque is one of the best zoos in Europe and definitely worth a visit when you’re in Tenerife. You’ll need to travel towards Puerto de la Cruz to reach the zoo, which will take several hours by public transport. As it’s a popular tourist destination, finding transport there is very simple – hotel reception may even be able to get the tickets for you.

Between Costa Adeje and Puerto de la Cruz is the Teide National Park – you won’t get to see much of the UNESCO world heritage site on your journey, so taking a volcanic tour is a must!

Can I Show My Siam Park Tickets on My Phone?

Remember, you must print your tickets if you buy them online. It’s easiest to do this at home, but if you’re already in Tenerife you can ask your hotel reception or look for any stores that have printers within the town. Bookstores and corner shops often have printers you can pay to print your tickets out.

If you don’t print them out, the attendants at the Siam Park main gate will print them for you. This takes quite a while, especially on busy days when many other tourists forget to print them too.

Where is Siam Park Tenerife?

Located in the south-west of the island, in Costa Adeje, Siam park is easily accessible from all parts of Tenerife. It’s serviced by many major roads including the coastal roads, inland roads and the mountain roads. This makes getting to Siam Park easy by car and there is ample parking space available when you arrive.

When using the south highway (TF-1) from Santa Cruz take either exit 73 or 74 for Siam Park.

If approaching from Adeje on the south highway (TF-1) take exit 73 for Siam Park.

If you don’t have access to a car on your holiday, there are other transport methods on the island that will get you to Siam Park with as much ease.

Siam Park Free Bus Route

Siam Park operates a free double decker bus route that picks up and drops off at the following locations;

  • Los Cristianos – Bus stop located at C.C. Pasarela – Shopping Mall and the Hotel Sol Aron Tenerife
  • Las Americas – Bus stop located at C.C. Presidente – Shopping Mall, Llanos de Troya and Best Tenerife
  • Costa Adeje – Bus stop located at C.C. El Duque, Fanabe Plaza and Ocean Park.

The free bus route runs regularly during Siam Park opening hours but the schedule is subject to change and it is best to check both travel times and service before travel. Siam Park recommends you do this by phone at +34 822 07 00 00 or by contacting them at

Shuttle Service

Alongside the free bus route, Siam Park also offers a shuttle service for convenient travel from many other locations and the park itself.

Reservations to use the Siam Park shuttle service must be made at least 48 hours in advance and can be done by calling +34 922 373 841 ext. 512, 356, 357

Check out the official full PDF guide for a list of locations and travel information.

When making your way to Siam park it is best to arrive at around 9am to avoid lengthy queues and leave after 5pm to avoid congestion when exiting the park and local area. Arrive early and take your time departing and you’ll be fine!

Where is Siam Park Located in Costa Adeje?

Siam Waterpark is in the south of Costa Adeje, right next to Siam Mall and within walking distance of the seafront at Playa de El Bobo.

If driving and public transport isn’t for you and you happen to be staying in Costa Adeje, you will be happy to know that walking and cycling to Siam Park are both good alternatives.

Walking takes between 15 mins and 30 mins and cycling typically takes around half that time. Be aware, in the hotter months, walking might not be advisable for families with young children or those with medical conditions.

The actual distance from central Costa Adeje is less than a mile at 0.7 miles or 1.1 kilometres. You’re actually only a 30 minute stroll from Puerto Colon, where our jet ski safari begins – a great way to extend your day of water fun.

Puerto de la Cruz to Siam Park

For holiday makers staying in Puerto de la Cruz, walking and cycling is not an option. To reach Siam Park you will need to use a car or public transport.

It will take 2 to 3 hours to get there via bus, taking the direct 343 bus, or multiple buses making a stop in Santa Cruz.

The distance is 45 miles or 72.2 kilometres from Puerto de la Cruz to Siam Park.

Los Cristianos to Siam Park

Los Cristianos lies to the south of Siam Park and it can be reached by adventurous walkers in about an hour or cyclists in a half hour. Alternatively, reaching Siam Park by public transport or car is much quicker and takes about 8-20 minutes depending on traffic levels and time of day.

The Siam Park free bus route passes through Los Cristianos.

The distance is 2.7 miles or 4.5 kilometres from Los Cristianos to Siam Park.

Playa des las Americas to Siam Park

Like Los Cristianos, Playas des las Americas lies to the south of Siam Park and is in relatively easy walking distance. Walking from Playas des las Americas to Siam Park takes between 25-40mins and cycling takes about half that time. Las Americas is serviced by the free bus route.

The distance is just under a mile or 1.4 kilometres from Playas des las Americas to Siam Park.

Siam Park Bus Routes

Siam Park operates a free double decker bus route – the details of which are above in the Free Bus Route section.

There are three public transport bus routes that also pass within walking distance or directly to Siam Park Bus Station. These are route numbers; 111, 467 and 471.

Local bus routes have daily timetables and you will need to buy a ticket, so check with your hotel or visit the local bus station in advance to make sure you get the right ticket.

How Far is Golf del Sur from Siam Park?

Golf del Sur is a 20 minute car journey from Siam Park, or a 50 minute bus journey. The actual distance is 9 miles or 15.1 kilometres.

How Far is Puerto de Santiago from Siam Park?

Puerto de Santiago is a half hour car journey from Siam Park, or a 1 hour and 10 minute bus journey. The actual distance is 17 miles or 28.4 kilometres.

Do The Buses Run at Night?

Siam Park is open at night for special events and on weekends during peak times. Currently the Free Bus and shuttle service schedule runs from 7am to 5pm so you will need to check local bus routes for travelling to and from Siam Park at later hours. Local bus routes and times vary depending on the time of year so always check locally in advance.

It is best to travel by car for nighttime excursions to Siam Park as the park is less crowded and it will be easier to snag a car park spot. If you’re staying in nearby Costa Adeje, you can also reach the park with relative ease by foot.

Siam Park MapSiam Park doesn’t have an official map that’s available to download as a PDF from their website, so we’ve found one for you.

This is the most up-to-date map, showing the current stores and rides that are open, plus all the toilet spots and restaurants you can take a break at.

There are maps located around the park so you can work out where you are and how to get around.

Click here to download the Siam Park Map in PDF format.

Full Index of Siam Park Rides, Restaurants and Everything In-Between

Not sure where to go first on the map? We’ve compiled a full list of everything you can do at Siam Park to help.


  • Mai Thai River – relax as you travel around the park on a slow flowing tropical river.
  • Naga Racer – race down slides with kids, family and friends.
  • Sawasdee – miniature versions of adult rides, suitable for kids of any height and age.
  • Jungle Snake – float on slides around the jungle, solo or as a pair.
  • The Giant – funnel-style water ride and the biggest of its kind in the world.
  • Kinnaree – huge funnel-style water ride with vertical drop and tornado wave.
  • Mekong Rapids – descend fast water slides with 3 others in a rubber boat.
  • Dragon – experience zero gravity effects in this adrenaline-spiking vertical funnel ride.
  • Tower of Power – plummet 28 metres on a water slide through the shark and ray aquarium.
  • The Vulcano – dark water slide culminating in a fast-paced laser show to get your heart racing.
  • Singha – rollercoaster meets waterpark, a speedy adventure with 14 direction changes.
  • Patong Rapids – twisting and turning rapids with epic views over Siam Park.


  • Siam Beach – natural white sand bordering the Palace of Waves.
  • Floating Market – stock up on essentials, snacks and souvenirs.
  • Sea Lion Island – simply watch the sea lions playing and relax (although they have nothing on our Whale Watching Tours). (LINK)—————–
  • The Lost City – a playground-style attraction in a shallow pool suitable for babies.
  • The Wave Palace – the biggest artificial waves in the world, with heated water at 24°C.
  • Coco Beach – relaxing beach area surrounding a gentle wave pool with lifeguards.
  • Bodhi Trail – treetop trail designed for young kids to climb and conquer.
  • Amphitheater – 2000 capacity amphitheater with year-round events.


  • Foto Shop – pick up photos of your adventures in the park.
  • Parrot Park – visit the parrots, located within the Floating Market and find animal-themed souvenirs.
  • Siam Souvenirs – split into 2 stores to buy souvenirs and gifts.
  • Siam Shop – the place to buy all things Siam!
  • Mini Market – stock up on suncream, souvenirs and other essentials for your stay.
  • Billabong Siam Surf Shop – find all the gear you need to tackle The Wave Palace, the only store not located in the Floating Market.


  • Tea House – hot and cold drinks, including tea and coffee, plus crepes.
  • Sweet Siam – cakes and ice-creams. Everything sweet you can imagine!
  • Thai Bar – drinks, cocktails and champagne overlooking the Mai Thai River.
  • Beach Club – the restaurant to visit if you want a substantial sit-down meal.
  • Beach Bar – barbeque treats and cocktails served by the beach.

Luxury Extras

  • Cabanas – luxury cabins to hire with Fast Pass tickets included for 6 people.
  • Champagne Club – all-inclusive service with champagne for relaxing on Balinese beds.

Other Services

  • Toilets – 8 different locations:
  • Either side of The Wave Palace
  • By the Beach Bar
  • By the Beach Club
  • By Billabong Siam Surf Shop
  • By the main entrance
  • By the eastern Mai Thai River entrance
  • By the Thai House restaurant.
  • Changing Rooms – a place to change into swimwear by the Floating Market.
  • Lockers – to store belongings securely:
  • Lockers A (Floating Market)
  • Lockers B (The Wave Palace)
  • Lockers C (Dragon)

Siam Park All-Inclusive Holidays

It’s not unusual to find hotels offering deals on your visit by including admission tickets to Siam Park with the room price or available to buy with all-inclusive deals. These hotels (find a list below) have permission to offer these deals from Siam Park – it’s not a scam. They’re also not allowed to charge less than the gate price, if they offer to sell you tickets at the front desk of the hotel – so don’t worry about having to shop around for the best prices if you want to buy tickets on the day.

Siam Park Hotel List

We’ve listed these top 8 hotels from the closest to the furthest away from Siam Park. All offer all-inclusive services in a variety of price ranges and admission to the park, either for a day or unlimited during your stay. Bear in mind that the park admission won’t cover food costs within the park, only food at the hotel!

Green Garden Apartments with Siam Park

  • 1.4km from Siam Park, a 4.5-star tropical resort hotel.
  • All-inclusive options with unlimited access to Siam Park included.

Parque Cristobal Bungalows & Siam Park

  • 2.1km from Siam Park, a 3-star bungalow style hotel.
  • All-inclusive options with admission to Siam Park included.

Gran Oasis Resort & Siam Park Waterpark

  • 2.6km from Siam Park, a 4-star apartment style resort and hotel.
  • All-inclusive options with unlimited access to Siam Park included.

Hotel Playa Olid & Siam Park

  • 2.6km from Siam Park, a 3-star apartment style hotel.
  • All-inclusive includes admission to Siam Park.

Coral Compostela Beach Golf Apartments and Siam Park

  • 3.3km from Siam Park, a 3-star apartment style hotel.
  • All-inclusive options with week-long unlimited pass to Siam park.

Hotel Villa Mandi Golf Resort and Siam Park

  • 3.3km from Siam Park, a 4-star apartment style hotel.
  • Very similar and close to Coral Compostela with all-inclusive deals and access to the park included.

Bitacora Hotel with Siam Park

  • 3.4km from Siam Park, a 4-star hotel with heated pools.
  • All-inclusive deals with park entry to Siam Park included.

Best Jacaranda Hotel with Siam Park

  • 4.4km from Siam Park, a 4-star hotel with pool.
  • All-inclusive packages available with park entry deals.

Take a look at our full guide to the best hotels around Costa Adeje. With the free bus service that Siam Park run, it’s not essential to be within walking distance!

What Can I Do Nearby?

Siam Park is one of many great attractions for holidaymakers in the Costa Adeje area. The Costa Adeje area is famed for its gorgeous coastline (best viewed on a whale watching trip), (LINK) ——– fabulous beaches and there is even another water park within a short distance of Siam Park. If you want to take a break from the water, there are plenty of golf courses, markets and shopping malls as well as the world renowned observatory.

For those seeking adventures that are even closer to Siam Park, check out the things to do below including lots of activities within walking distance of the park itself.

Things to Do Near Siam Park

Exhausted from all of the adventures that Siam Park has to offer? Don’t worry, there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied and provide a little rest within walking distance of Siam Park.

Siam Mall

Siam Mall is roughly a five minute walk for Siam Park and offers a wide range of shops, eateries and boutiques. It boasts 70 shops across two floors with disabled access and plenty of parking if the five minute walk proves too much after all the splashing about.

Aranya Thai Massage

Needing to rest those aching joints and sooth your muscles after the rip roaring adventures in Siam Park? Aranya Thai Massage is a five-star rated deep tissue and relaxation spa-massage parlor. Designed to let you enjoy the bliss of the Siam area at a more leisurely pace. It is a ten minute walk from Siam Park – the perfect distance to hide away from your loved ones and get some peace and quiet.

Playa del Bobo

The Playa del Bobo is a beach that is located very near to Siam Park. Walking to the beach takes about ten minutes from Siam Park and the beach itself offers warm sand, cool water and lots of sunshine. Playa del Bobo is also known for its cleanliness and is one of the finest beaches in Costa Adeje.

Explore Costa Adeje

If you’re looking to venture a little further afield, here are the top three attractions that you can reach with a short bus ride.

VIP Helicopter Experience

These fantastic helicopter tours offer a new perspective of Tenerife sightseeing. With frequent helicopter rides available and 5 different routes over the island, most travellers recommend the longer tour rides as being the best value for money and for giving the most breathtaking aerial views of Costa Adeje.

Learn more about helicopter experiences.

Art Gallery La Musa

If you’re looking for something at a more relaxed pace than the bustling beaches and water parks of Costa Adeje, then you can’t go wrong with the little treasure that is the Art Gallery La Musa. The art gallery has a wonderful collection of artwork and sculptures from local artists that are a celebration of vibrancy and life. There is also a shop attached to the gallery allowing you to take home a truly unique souvenir.

Teide Observatory

If you have access to a vehicle on your holiday then venturing to the other side of the island (which takes under an hour by car) to the Teide Observatory is highly recommended. This fantastic observatory offers everything space, planets, moons and stars for everyone from avid beginners to learned professionals. A wonderful and memorable holiday excursion that the whole family can enjoy.

For more information about all of the wonderful things to do in Costa Adeje see our full guide. (LINK)——-

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3. Take a long break from everyday life in the tranquil waters settled between the edges of Los Cristianos.
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5. Relax in comfort as we take you around the most picturesque scenery in Tenerife, the shores of natural beaches shaped by the drama of a volcanic cone.

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