Tenerife is Re-Opening to Holiday Travellers

Since the rise of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, many people have seen their travel plans disrupted. Thankfully, many places have begun to implement safer procedures to mitigate the risk and reopen with safe activities and social distancing measures in place. UK travel is allowed at the end of July, so if you’re planning on visiting Tenerife, you might not need to scrap those vacation plans just yet!

To stay safe during your vacation, there are several guidelines you can follow to ensure you minimize the risk of exposure to yourself and others. First, it is recommended to always wash your hands as often as possible, such as whenever you touch any surfaces, it’s advised to wash for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Avoid touching your eyes, face, or mouth, and keep a distance of at least 6 feet apart from others at all times to reduce the risk of infection.

The biggest advantage of visiting Tenerife is that the island is abundant with nature and activities that don’t necessarily require close interaction with others. You can get the full Tenerife experience and stay safe while doing it with these COVID-safe excursions.


Whale Watching

Bask in a pristine view of massive cliffs while you sail the seas with this luxury boat tour. You’ll be able to catch a glimpse of thriving marine life such as whales and dolphins on this six-hour tour that will definitely take your breath away. If you want to get a firsthand look, you can try snorkeling the elusive blue lagoon in Masca to experience the ocean’s wonders for yourself. One of the other main attractions would be the majestic view of the 500-meter-tall Los Gigantes cliffside and the sights of islands like La Gomera and La Palma.

To keep COVID safe, all surfaces are disinfected between each trip, and all employees wear masks and practice social distancing. You and your travel companions will be away from public areas for most of this tour, so the risk of exposure is decreased.

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Buggy Trip

Go for an adrenaline pumping ride on a Buggy that will keep you safe on the rugged roads. With a Buggy, you can chart your own course and explore the lush forests and volcanic paths of Tenerife to your heart’s content. This is a recommended experience because you can get an extreme and thrilling rush without having to exert too much energy on your end, there are tons of landmarks and sights waiting for you to discover in this wild ride. You could encircle the areas surrounding the majestic peak of Mount Teide, zigzag around the wooded forests, or tear through the many dirt roads.

This is a great activity during the pandemic because you and your family can share one Buggy which will keep you socially distant from others. Since you’ll be out on the natural roads, the risk of exposure is reduced compared to more public areas.

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Jet Ski Safari

Ride the epic waves of the Tenerife coast with your very own jet ski. As you sail, you’ll discover iconic landmarks like the lighthouse of Punta Rasca and the Cave of Palm Mar and maybe catch a glimpse of some sea turtles or dolphins as you go. Snorkeling is included as well so you can dive down to get an unforgettable look at some pristine natural marine life. The coast is large enough for some deep exploration, and all the snorkeling equipment is sanitized and provided so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own. Once the tour is complete, drinks are provided as well. You can explore the entire area, race with your friends, and really make a splash.

Since you’ll be out in the open ocean, you likely won’t be coming in close contact with others or touching any surfaces beside your jet ski. This makes a jet ski safari a safe and enjoyable activity during the COVID era.

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Snorkeling with Sea Turtles

Get ready for a deep dive into the best sea turtle spots that you can find on Tenerife. This snorkeling experience will take you out to sea with professional divers who will show you the ropes if you have no experience. If you ever wanted to see turtles thriving in their natural habitats, this is the way to go. Each diving instructor will guide you to the best spots to look at and supervise you the whole time to make sure you stay safe under the depths. The stunning marine life up close is a sight to behold like no other, you’ll get to see how this ecosystem thrives and blooms before your very eyes. In a place like Tenerife so abundant with life and natural biomes, marine life is just as varied and diverse.

The best part is that you’ll be minimizing your risk to COVID exposure on this tour, as you’ll be both socially distant and not touching many surfaces. The underwater world is a place you can enjoy to the fullest extent without compromise.

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Teide National Park Vespa Tour

Take a gander at the sights of Mount Teide in a unique way, with this Vespa tour that will take you through the surrounding areas of the National Park. The ride is comfortable, thorough, and you’ll get to see unique sights that make for some amazing photos. At night, you’ll be treated to some amazing starry skies that you’ll be able to gaze towards, and you’ll catch a glimpse of the second tallest tree in Spain. The volcanic mountain and nearby locales are home to craters, valleys, and rising peaks. The Vespa tour is a great way to experience everything because it’s fast enough to move at a brisk pace but slow enough to make sure you don’t miss anything.

This tour runs in small groups of up to 6 people, so if you’re traveling with family, this could be a great way to experience all of Teide’s offerings while staying COVID safe.

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