You don’t need to be a travel aficionado to realise that Tenerife, Spain is one of the best places to go whale watching. With an astounding number of whale species to spot, beautiful weather all year around, and a whole plethora of whale watching tours on Tenerife, you’d be really missing out if you travel to the Spanish Canary Islands without seeing the whales!

But with a plethora of excursions to choose from comes one huge, overwhelming dilemma. Choosing just 1 of the dozens of tours is no easy task. What boat type should you book? Is food included? Can I find a more luxurious option? Unless you plan on spending hours scrolling through TripAdvisor, it’s hard to get a grip on which whale tour is the perfect one for your holiday. And so, the ultimate guide was created. Here you can find everything you need to know and search for the best whale watching Tenerife trip, with helpful resources all in one place.  

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Why Tenerife, Spain is an Incredible Place for Whale Watching

The depths of the Pacific Ocean meet the glorious warm weather off the coast of Morocco, creating the perfect spot for whale watching right by the Canary Islands. Forget huddling down from the sea spray in a weathered anorak aboard a chilly expedition from Alaska, Reykjavik or the coast of New England. Whale watching from Tenerife, the main island in the Canary Islands, can be as exciting or luxurious as you desire. One of the reasons Tenerife is considered the best place in the world to see whales and dolphins in the wild is the absolutely beautiful sunshine, blue skies and clear water, all year around.

Gorgeous Weather

The weather in Tenerife is sunny all year round, with temperatures still around 20°C even in the depths of winter. In the summer, the whale watching hot spot Costa Adeje has a 27°C average daily temperature on the mainland. A whale watching trip is a great way to enjoy the sea breeze and glorious sunshine away from the beach crowds. Check our Costa Adeje weather article for a more detailed forecast(link)

Choose Your Boat for the Perfect Atmosphere

Hop on a sailing boat with your partner for a relaxing trip to sail alongside the dolphins, hire a luxury motorboat for a day of romance, or head off on an adventure with all the family on a viking longship adventure. With so much choice in Tenerife for whale watching tours, you can find a trip that fits the theme of the holiday. Keep reading to see our recommended Tenerife whales trips for each kind of holiday.

So Many Types of Whales in Tenerife!

The pilot whale, the Tenerife whale, is a resident in Canarian waters. Along with bottlenose dolphins, these species ensure that you always have a 99% chance of spotting dolphins and whales. No matter when your Tenerife holiday, there will be the option of whale watching!

The waters around Tenerife are home to some incredible whales. There are over 20 species in total that visit the Tenerife coast around the year, including sperm whales, killer whales and minke whales. Explore all the whales you can spot from Tenerife.

The Most Affordable Whale Watching Trips in the World

First of all, Tenerife can be a very affordable holiday all together, with cheap flights from Europe and budget hotels aplenty for English-speaking tourists. Sightings occur on almost every trip with every operator. Anyone can see the whales around Tenerife, with many tour types for all budgets. Below we’ll cover the most affordable way to see the whales on a large catamaran, or you can check out our comparison table to work out the most cost-effective way to see the sea life! Whale watching on a private tour is not as pricey as you thought…

You can spot whales all-year-round in Tenerife

The 5 Types of Whale Watching Tours in Tenerife

Picking out the perfect whale watching tour can be tricky as there are so many different options to choose from including specialty options and a full range of boat varieties. Don’t worry though, we can give you a digestible insight into each and every wonderful whale watching tour and help you choose your perfect whale watching tour boat.

Sailing Boats

Offering that extra comfort, especially compared to the large catamarans, sailing boat excursions aim to provide a luxury whale and dolphin watching sighting. Better still, they’re priced competitively making them tremendous value for money. Say goodbye to the crowds and settle into a cosy and tranquil whale watching experience. (LINK)

Amaro Pargo, a luxury sailing yacht blissfully passing through the waves specialize in creating memorable and relaxed sailing boat excursions. See whales and dolphins at your own pace and leisure.

The 3-hour tour on private or semi-private 10-person sailing boats is all-inclusive. If you’re looking for the full package that turns a simple boat trip into a day trip to remember, you need to consider

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Third Element

Third Element, whale and dolphin watching in Los Gigantes

Third Element excursions are a great consideration if you’re looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of the large catamarans and want to do a short trip around Los Gigantes.

The trips have a great whale spotting success rate making them popular for those looking to see whales in Los Gigantes. Great food and drink is also available with Third Element.

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Large Catamarans

The most accessible option for pretty much everyone. They’re the generic option that can swallow up couples and solo travellers in a huge crowd and even make room for those traveling in large groups. These big boats accommodate up to 300 eager whale spotters at a time and offer a cheap alternative. Typically, the prices for a seat aboard a large catamaran are between $20 and $30.

There are draw-backs to the large catamarans though which you should be aware of before you book. On busy trips the catamarans can get very crowded and the food and drink isn’t as good as on smaller or specialty vessels. Large catamaran trips also tend to be fast trips that take you quickly to the whale spotting location and then return you right away.

For those looking for something a bit more intimate, relaxed and with better food, you should look at other options below.

White Tenerife

White Tenerife catamaran whale watching

The White Tenerife is a vast and surprisingly elegant looking catamaran that regularly takes hoards of tourists out to see whales and dolphins from Puerto Colon. Passenger capacity is limited to 70 people per trip.

Prices start from as little as $40 but be aware that they don’t have a whale and dolphin spotting guarantee.

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